Wareham PD Detectives Arrest 6 on Weapons, Drugs and Larceny Charges

On Thursday, September 17, 2015, the Wareham Police Detective Division completed an extensive investigation of a storage unit that was broken reported to have been broken into on September 13th that culminated with the arrests of 6 individuals who now face various weapons, drugs, and B&E charges. In addition to several tools and other personal items, the storage unit owner reported the theft of a rifle and a shotgun.

On Tuesday, September 15th, WPD detectives obtained a search warrant for a vehicle wanted in connection with incident and pulled the vehicle over on Kristin Lane in Wareham at approximately 7:30 pm. The operator, 34 year old Wareham resident Luis Gonzalez, was arrested in connection with the entry of the storage unit and operating the vehicle after his license was suspended, while passengers Ian Quinn (age 34) and Nichole Spillane (age 29) both of Wareham, were arrested for possession of several prescription medications.

As the investigation continued and information was obtained, detectives proceeded to 112 Kristin Lane, where resident Melissa Ravida (age 34) was arrested in connection with the B&E into the storage unit and her involvement with the possession of the stolen firearms. Resident Michael Ravida (age 36) was arrested on a Fugitive From Justice warrant unrelated to the storage unit incident.

Detectives continued the investigation with the assistance of Bourne PD hours later at #4 Wilson Ave. in Bourne, where a search warrant led to the recovery of a stolen rifle from the storage unit in Wareham. Michael Enos (age 35), formerly of Onset and now 4 Wilson Ave. in Bourne, was arrested at the scene by Wareham and Bourne detectives, charged with possession of the stolen firearm.

During the early morning hours of September 16th, Wareham detectives obtained a search warrant for a storage unit in Wareham at a different location than the original unit, where the stolen personal property, including several contractor’s tools and other personal items valued at approximately $10,000 stolen from the original storage unit were recovered.

On the morning of September 17th, detectives returned to 112 Kristin Lane and recovered the reported stolen shotgun inside the residence.  ( Continue to second page)

The persons arrested and their charges are listed as follows:

  1. Luis Gonzalez Jr., age 34, Buzzards Baygonzalez

B&E Daytime- Felony

B&E Nighttime – Felony

Larceny Over $250

Larceny of a Firearm (2 cts.)

Carrying a Firearm Without a License



  1. spillaneNichole Spillane, age 29, Wareham 

Possession Class E Drug (2 cts.)






  1. quinnIan Quinn, age 34, WarehamPossession Class E Drug

Possession Class B Drug






  1. ravidaMelissa Ravida, age 34, Wareham

B&E Daytime & B&E Nighttime

Larceny Over $250

Larceny of a Firearm (2 cts.)

Carrying a Firearm Without a License (2 cts.)



  1. ravida mMichael Ravida, age 36, Wareham

Fugitive From Justice (Warrant)






  1. enosMichael Enos, age 35, Bourne

B&E Nighttime

Larceny Over $250

Larceny of a Firearm (2 cts.)

Carrying a Firearm Without a License (2 cts.)


Chief Kevin Walsh said, “I could not be more proud of the investigate efforts of the detectives involved in this case. The recovery of firearms that, in the wrong hands, could result in catastrophic circumstances, is so important in today’s world. The recovery of all the personal property just made the results of the case even better.”