Wareham Issues Parking Ban Due To Forcasted Snow Storm

This press release is issued to advise all Wareham residents that due to the forecasted snowstorm, a Parking Ban placed in effect by Municipal Maintenance Director Mark Gifford will be in effect from 12:00 noon on Friday, February 8 at12:00 noon until Sunday, February 10, 2013 at noon. The Wareham Police Department will strictly enforce the enacted Parking Ban as stated in the Town of Wareham policy statement regarding parking issues during snow, or weather emergencies. The policy statement has been attached to this press release.





                        When it has been determined by the Director of the Municipal Maintenance Department that a snow emergency exists, an emergency proclamation will be issued. The following media sites will be notified of the parking ban proclamation:

WXTK 95.1 FM       WBZ 1030 AM/TV 4            WCIB  102 FM            WRKO 68 AM      WTWV 101.1

WCTK 98.1 FM       WCVB TV 5                WCOD 106.1 FM            WNBH 1340 AM

WPLM 99.1 FM      WQRC 99.9 FM            WBSM  1420 AM            WPXI 102.9 FM 

The ban will also be placed on the Town’s Municipal Maintenance emergency phone line, (508) 291-3100, and under Public Notices on the Town’s web site (wareham.ma.us).

When an emergency snow plowing proclamation has been issued, vehicles parked on public ways must be removed in order to avoid damage to said vehicles and expedite plowing and sanding operations.

Any vehicle or object in the public way, if not removed within one hour after the beginning of a storm, will be subject to towing and/or removal at the owner’s expense as specified in the Town Policy.

Residents who contract with private
snow plowers to plow their driveway are cautioned not to have the snow pushed out onto the roadway, or in a manner that covers or blocks access to fire hydrants (MGL 148 27B). Snow pushed out into the roadway is a danger to the traveling public and a liability to the resident. If the Municipal Maintenance Department has to remove snow pushed out into the roadway, the resident will be billed for the expense incurred.