Wareham and Bronx, NY Partner in Significant Heroin Investigation

Attached is a press release originally released by the District Attorney’s Office in Bronx County, NY regarding the largest gang takedown in Bronx history, and the connections to the drug trade on Cape Cod and Wareham in particular.

Wareham PD detectives became involved in the large scale New York investigation when violent incidents and known Bronx gang members were observed in Wareham and involved in such incidents and illegal drug activities.

Communication and investigative efforts between Wareham and Bronx, NY detectives aided in the overall investigation that led to 84 indictments of New York gang members charged with violent crimes, weapons, and drug trafficking violations.

WPD detectives recently traveled to NYC to provide Grand Jury testimony regarding the involvement of the gang members who frequented this area and supplied illegal drugs to the streets of Wareham.

Chief Kevin Walsh praised the WPD Detective Division for their investigative and collaborative efforts and actions that assisted Bronx, NY investigators in a case that certainly made a dent in the overall and local illegal drug trade operations that are literally killing people on a daily basis.