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The Wareham local Emergency Planning Committee is dedicated to developing up to date emergency response plans, and keeping the public informed about what their community is doing to prepare for emergency situations. The Wareham LEPC is certified by the Massachusetts Emergency management Agency, and has close ties with MEMA Region 2 coordinators, and the Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s Emergency Management Department.

Along with creating an All Hazards response plan for Natural Disasters, Storms, and other major events, The LEPC is also responsible for compiling data on Chemicals and Hazardous Materials in the community and integrating that data into their response plans.

Chief Richard Stanley of the Wareham Police is the Chairman of the Town’s LEPC, and Director of Emergency Management for the Town of Wareham. Lt. John Walcek and EMS Director David Evans also serve as the Deputy Directors of Emergency Management for the Town.

Participants in the LEPC include, The Wareham police Dept., Wareham Fire Dept., Onset Fire Dept., Harbormaster Dept., Board of Health, EMS, Municipal Maintenance, the Plymouth County Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coalition, and Tobey Hospital.

Any questions, concerns, or suggestions for the LEPC should be fielded through Lt. Walcek, at

john_walcek@warehampolice.com .

LEPC Officers


– Chief Richard Stanley, Wareham Police Dept.

Vice Chairman

– Assistant Chief Patrick Haskell, Wareham Fire Dept.

Secretary Treasurer

– Robert Ethier, Board of Health

Drills and Exercises

The Wareham LEPC conducts Drills and Exercises to practice our response plans and test the abilities of our Community’s First Responders On a regular basis. According to regulation’s these Drills and Exercises Must be conducted on at least an annual basis (1 per year). These drills entail active participation from Wareham’s Police, Fire, and EMS departments, and encourage the participation of local businesses and stakeholders. All practical exercises are planned and conducted under the guidance of the LEPC, and are evaluated by participants with input from MEMA Advisors.

For information on past, and upcoming exercises, contact Lt. John Walcek at


Tier 2 HAZMAT Reporting

The Wareham LEPC (Local Emergency planning Committee) requires, by the authority given by the SARA Title III legislation, that Tier II forms (as opposed to Tier I forms) be used by companies submitting to comply with this legislation. This form identifies the chemical, its Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) number, its health consequences, quantities, storage location, and emergency contacts. This form is utilized by the LEPC, citizens, and other interested parties for a variety of purposes including emergency planning, hazardous materials response, and right to know issues of employees, citizens, and HAZMAT responders. Companies that meet quantity criteria set forth in the EPA’s “Title III Consolidated List of Chemicals Subject to the Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act (EPCRA) and Section 112(r) of the Clean Air Act, as Amended” must file these forms by March 1 of each year.

Use of the Tier 2 Software, is strongly recommended. Tier 2 is easy to use, free software for use in compiling the required Tier 2 reports, and meets the requirements of the Wareham LEPC, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  The software can be obtained free of charge from the EPA website, along with state specific reporting regulations for Massachusetts.


A printed hard copy of the report should be delivered to your local fire department. The LEPC and Wareham Police Department should receive both a printed hard copy, as well as an electronic submission of the Tier 2 File produced by the software.

Electronic Copies of the Tier 2 Data Submissions should be emailed to Lt. John Walcek of the Wareham Police Department, at

john_walcek@warehampolice.com .

HAZMAT Training

Chief Richard Stanley of the Wareham Police Department and Doug Forbes, of MEMA Region 2, encourage Citizens of Wareham to participate in FEMA’s Independent Study Program focusing on an introduction to hazardous materials. The course will familiarize the citizen with laws and regulations governing the storage and disposal of Hazardous Materials, how to identify hazardous materials, and the health effects such materials can have if you come into contact with them. This course is great for home owners and business owners alike, and can help familiarize you with the hazardous materials you come into contact with every day.

The course is titled “IS-5.A – An Introduction to Hazardous Materials” and is available to anyone who wishes to take it through FEMA’s online independent study program.