Officer Nathaniel Aronson, Officer Daniel Henderson, Officer Stephen Kearney, Sgt. Douglas Jacinto – Commendable Performance on January 3, 2012

The officers involved in this incident exhibited extreme alertness and observation abilities, which led to the arrests of three dangerous suspects, one of which possessed a handgun that he could have used at any time during the stop, or during the foot pursuit. This incident reminds all officers that there is no such thing as a “routine vehicle stop,” and that we must be aware of our surroundings at all times.

All officers involved in this incident, under the supervision of Sgt. Jacinto, are to be commended for their actions and professionalism during a potentially life threatening situation.


Lt. Kevin Walsh, Lt. John Walcek, Sgt. Walter Correia, Officer Karl Baptiste, Officer Dean Decas, Officer Blaise Lalli, Officer Joseph Cardoza, Officer Christopher Corner – Commendable Performance December 20, 2012

The officers that participated in the “Stuff-A-Cruiser” event are to be commended for their generosity of time and effort in this worthwhile endeavor. All too often, police officers are portrayed in a bad light, but involvment in events such as this show the compassion and dedication of these police officers and the Wareham Police Department as a whole.

Congratulations on a successful event, and a job well done to the participating officers.


Officer Stephen Kearney – Commendable Performance on December 20, 2012

While patrolling the area of the Silver Lake Motel on the morning of December 14th, Officer Stephen Kearney conducted a random query of a parked vehicle in the lot, which Registry records showed was owned by Joseph Nsubuga of Framingham, MA. A further information inquiry revealed the warrant information, and led to the arrest of Joseph Nsubuga.

The actions of Officer Kearney on this date showed that alert and seemingly “routine” patrol activities can lead to results that ultimately benefit the community at large. In this case, a simple license plate inquiry in the parking lot of a motel led to the arrest of a dangerous criminal that had seriously assaulted three people.


Officer Dean Decas – Honored with Commendable Performance on November 18, 2011
This incident is currently under investigation by members of the Wareham Police Department Detective Division. Anyone with information pertaining to this incident and or the involved suspect is encouraged to contact Det. Sgt. Douglas Jacinto at (508) 295-1206.


Officer Paul Somers, Officer Mary Walker, Sgt. Michael Smith – Honored with Commendable Performance on July 12, 2011
Acknowledgement of the commendable performance of Officers Paul Somers and Mary Walker, as well as the performance of Sgt. Michael Smith, during the search and motor vehicle stop of vehicle on July 9, 2011 that was reported to have been involved in bank robberies in the towns of Falmouth and Bourne.

UPDATED 11/30/12

Officer Zina Kelsch –  Honored with Commendable Performance on November 26, 2012  

In her duties as the liaison to the Council on Aging, Officer Zina Kelsch has gone above and beyond in her concern for the elders of Wareham. Prior to Thanksgiving, Officer Kelsch collaborated with the COA Outreach Coordinator to determine the needs of shut-ins and to make sure they were all taken care of for the holiday. While off-duty on Thanksgiving Day Officer Kelsch along with her son Vance, chose to spend the day working at the Church of the Good Shepard, preparing and delivering meals for the homebound in Wareham.    Finally, Officer Kelsch has been actively involved in the delivery of hats, mittens, and scarves, to the less fortunate in Wareham for the past two years. Her diligence to this program has helped many to have a warmer winter.  Officer Kelsch’s concern for the most vulnerable residents both on-duty and off-duty  brings credit not only to herself but the police department as a whole, and she needs to be commended for a job well done.

Officers Bryan Whalen and Officer Michael Phinney –  Commendable Performance –

On November 16, 2012 at approximately 7:30 pm, Officer Bryan Whalen conducted a motor vehicle stop of an unregistered motor vehicle on Depot St. in the area of the Oak grove Package Store.

With the assistance of Officer Michael Phinney, further investigation of the scene revealed that Mr. Roderick had thrown an item under the vehicle, which was later found to contain over 176 prescription medication pills of various brands and strengths. Approximately 3 grams of heroin and cash were also recovered at the scene in the possession of Mr. Roderick, who stated he ingested unknown pills and was subsequently transported to Tobey Hospital.  Officers Whalen and Phinney are to be commended for their alert and professional actions at the scene for what first appeared to be a minor motor vehicle infraction that evolved into a serious drug violation. The arrest of Mr. Roderick was due to alert and diligent officers, who made certain observations and took appropriate actions to remove a known criminal and 176 pills destined for sale, from the streets of Wareham. Officers Whalen and Phinney are to be commended for their investigative skills, alertness, and actions during this incident, which resulted in several drug charges against Gilbert Roderick

Officer Nate Aronson, Officer Eric Machado and Detective William Desilva  Commendable Performance  

On November 16, 2012, at approximately 7:15 am, Officers Nate Aronson and Eric Machado investigated the report a B&E into a vehicle on Kin’s Court in the Onset Mobile Home Park.

After obtaining information at the scene of the B&E with assistance from Detective William deSilva, Officers Aronson and Machado continued investigation of the incident, which led to Detective deSilva acquiring a search warrant for an address on Railroad Avenue.

As a result of the search warrant, several items of stolen property were recovered and suspected to have been stolen from multiple vehicle breaks in the Onset area. The three males earlier encountered by Officers Aronson and Machado were then linked to the thefts of the property and placed under arrest.

Officers Aronson and Machado, along with Detective William deSilva and other assisting detectives are to be commended for their professional diligence and investigative skills resulting in the arrests of three individuals and the recovery of multiple items of personal property. In particular, the efforts of Officers Aronson and Machado are commended, due to their obvious alertness to their patrol area at 4:00 am, a time when three males thought they would be undetected and get away with perpetrated crimes. This is the type of alert and aggressive patrol ethic that is truly appreciated by the Department and the public.

Officer Jennifer Braley, Officer Joseph cardoza & Officer Christopher Corner – Commendable Performance

On Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at approximately 1:14 am, Officers Jennifer Braley, Joseph Cardoza, and Christopher Corner responded to Brown Street regarding a female in labor. Upon arrival at the scene, responding officers noticed that the female was not only in labor, but the baby was “crowning,” ready to enter the world. Each officer present exhibited exceptional calmness and control over the hectic scene, as preparations were made for the birth of the baby and the arrival of EMS. Within minutes, the baby was born in the bedroom of the residence. The professional and courteous actions of the officers, which are certainly commendable, were noticed by the mother of the child, family members, and medical personnel during this memorable incident.