Honor Guard

Wareham Police Honor GuardThe Wareham Police honor Guard is comprised of 11 members from the patrol division of the Wareham Police Department. Currently there are 3 Sergeants and 8 Patrolman.

We march in parades, conduct funerals for Officers and their family members, attend wakes and funerals for area officers killed in the line of duty, and attend other functions as directed by the Chief of Police.

Our current shoulder patch is a variant of the Department’s patch, colored (crimson and gray) to match our uniforms.  It was first worn for the funeral of Chris Argentinis, our brother officer and former Honor Guard member who was killed in the line of duty in December 1999.

The majority of the Honor Guard personnel are former military. We support our Troops!!

We — reluctantly — announce the retirement of Sgt. William Delaney. Sgt. Delaney has commanded the Honor Guard for many years. We are saddened to see him go, but wish him well in his future endeavors.