Bike Patrol

Officers Paul Somers and Chris Smith with Kim Carrigan from Fox 25 NewsThe Wareham Police Department utilizes police mountain bikes as part of its proactive approach to law enforcement and Community Policing efforts. Police officers on bicycles are more approachable and visible, and are often times more able to respond to certain calls and locations in a faster and more efficient fashion. Bike officers can be seen on daily patrols throughout Wareham, as well as performing duties at special events throughout the year.


Assignment to the mountain Bike Unit requires specialized training and the successful completion of the Mountain Bike Patrol School certified by the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council known as COBWEB (Cops on Bikes with Education for Bicyclists). The COBWEB course is a 24-hour three-day program with classroom and filed instruction. Upon completion of the program, officers have a comprehensive understanding of standard operating procedures, crime prevention techniques, tactical maneuvers, and communication.


The Wareham Police Department’s Mountain Bike Unit uililizes Fuji and Trek mountain bikes equipped with front shocks, disc brakes, and sturdy frames. Each bike is further equipped with high intensity lights, and clear police markings for greater visibility.


The Wareham Police Department has had great success with the mountain bike patrols, which bring an added dimension to police work by allowing for quality interaction with the citizens of Wareham, while proving to be an effective law enforcement tool.

Wareham PD Bike Patrol