Lt. Walcek - Administrative Division Commander
Lt. Walcek - Administrative Division Commander

The Administrative Division under the command of Lt. John Walcek is charged with a multitude of important functions.


Communications: Communications staff answer thousand of calls for service 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. These calls range from routine requests for information to life threatening emergencies. The Communications center, is the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for the town of Wareham and as such all 911 calls are answered at our station. Each call is prioritized and appropriate resources are dispatched to handle any situation. The Communications staff provide a vital link between a caller and the police officers in the field. In addition to call dispatch and management for police activities Communications personnel are also responsible for dispatch of the Wareham Emergency Medical Services Department.


Records Management: The Records department is responsible for maintaining each and every police report, including incident, arrest, and accident reports. Mandated state reports are generated and sent to the appropriate agency as required by law. Requests for reports from citizens, courts, and insurance companies make this a very busy office.


Firearms Licensing: Hundreds of applications for new and renewal of Firearms Permits, are handled by the Administrative Division each year.


Computer Operations:  The Administrate Division ensures all computers are in good working order, as well as utilizing the latest technological advances for modern policing.


Animal Control: The Animal Control officer responds to all call relating to animals. These calls can include investigating reports of injured, abused, and neglected animals. Yearly barn inspections as well as complaints about nuisance animals are dealt with by Animal Control. Many of the investigations result in citations being issued and court action. The Animal Control officer provide public outreach by hosting rabies clinics as well as pet safety and awareness talks to school children and interested groups.