Decas School Locked Down Police Investigate Suspicious Persons

On Thursday, May 15, 2014 at approximately 11:50 am, officers of the Wareham Police Department responded to the Decas Elementary School, due to the report from three students to school officials that two suspicious males walked by the school carrying what appeared to be a handgun. All precautionary security measures were immediately initiated and a search of the perimeter of Decas School was conducted.

Within 30 minutes, officers located the two males at nearby Wareham Crossing and conducted an investigation, which resulted in no criminal intentions by the males and no weapons of any type in their possession.

As a result of the investigation of the incident, Decas School resumed its normal school schedule.

Interim Chief of Police Kevin Walsh praised the actions of Wareham Public School officials and staff at the Decas School. In particular, Chief Walsh expressed praised the great safety awareness and attention to detail displayed by the three students who initially reported the incident to teachers, who immediately notified the Wareham Police Department of a potential safety hazard.