State police activate amber alert for Braintree abductions

130520-Braintree-Nguyen-ChildrenAmber Alert     The children were located Alert cancelled

BRAINTREE, Mass. — State police along with Braintree police have  issued an amber alert after police say they investigated a report that Jon T.  Lockwood, 54, with a last known address at a Foxboro hotel, allegedly entered  the foster home of his two children and forcibly removed his son, Patrick, from  the house and ordered his daughter, Sarah into his car before driving off with  both children.

According to police, the foster mother tried fighting off Lockwood, engaging  in a tug of war with him for custody of Patrick, but was unsuccessful. Patrick  is an eight-year-old Asian male named My Tri “Patrick” Nguyen. He was last seen  wearing blue jean shorts and a neon yellow T-shirt.

Sarah is a ten-year-old Asian female named Tien Nhu My “Sarah” Nguyen. She  was last seen wearing blue jean shorts and a blue and purple T-shirt with a  mermaid on the front, police say.

Police say Lockwood drove off in a brown, 2005 BMW 525i, Massachusetts  registration 478RF8.

According to police, a neighbor tried unsuccessfully to chase Lockwood down  the street. Police say Lockwood has since checked out of the Foxboro hotel and  his whereabouts is unknown.lockwood