Bourne Man Lost in the Woods While Geocaching.

On Tuesday, December 11, 2012, at approximately 7:30 pm, the Wareham Police Department received a cellular phone call from the wife of a 54-year-old Bourne man, who stated her husband was lost in the woods along the banks of the Weweantic River. The caller reported that her husband was wet and cold, due to having fallen in the river at some point. It was explained that the man became lost while “geocaching,” an outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS enabled devices. Participants in geocaching navigate to specific GPS coordinates and attempt to find the geocache container hidden at the location.

Personnel representing the Wareham Police Department, Wareham Fire Department, EMS, and the Harbormaster Department responded to search the area between Island Brook Drive and Candle Paper Lane, with specific attention to the banks of the Weweantic River. During sporadic cell phone communication with the male, GPS coordinates were obtained and relayed to emergency responders, who located the male shortly before 9:00 pm, reaching the location by utilizing police K-9 and ATV units.

The male, who reported that he had suffered cramping, due to falling in the river, was removed from the area by Wareham Fire Department personnel and the police ATV unit, which transported him to a waiting ambulance. After being checked at Tobey Hospital in Wareham and found to have no injuries or indications of hypothermia, the male was medically cleared and released.

Chief Richard Stanley praised the Wareham emergency responders who worked in a cooperative and coordinated effort to locate the lost man and bring him to safety.