Male In Custody on Three Counts Of Breaking & Entering In the Nighttime


On Monday, July 17, 2012, 48 year old Christopher Macdonald of #59 Hunters Brook in  Sagamore Beach was placed under arrest and charged with 3 counts of Breaking & Entering in the Nighttime, 1 count of Larceny from a Building, and will be summoned to court regarding a fourth break and entering incident, all of which are felonies. The arrests stems from an investigation into break and entering incidents at Cartland, located on the Cranberry Highway in Wareham.

The office area of Cartland was reported to have been forcibly broken into on separate occasions during the overnight hours of Thursday, July 12th, Friday, July13th, and Sunday, July 15th. Information and evidence regarding the breaks were forwarded by the Patrol Division to the Detective Division, at which point the investigation was conducted by Detective William deSilva. As a result of the investigation, which included the review of surveillance tape of the area and the recovery of further evidence related to the crimes, Christopher Macdonald was placed under arrest and charged with the offenses, which included the theft of a small amount of cash form the building during one of the illegal entries. Mr. Macdonald was placed under arrest with the assistance of Bourne Police Department officers at #276 County Road in Bourne, MA. As the investigation continued, Mr. Macdonald made certain admissions regarding the breaks at Cartland in Wareham, as well as admissions regarding a fourth break and entering into Cape Cod Gas in Wareham during the first week of July. Mr. Macdonald will be charged and summoned to court regarding the incident at Cape Cod Gas.

Christopher Macdonald was arraigned on all charges at the Wareham Fourth District Court, where future court dates will be scheduled.

Chief Richard Stanley praised the cooperative effort of the Patrol and Detective Divisions of the Wareham Police Department, in particular the efforts of Detective William deSilva, in solving the reported incidents and removing another criminal from the streets of Wareham.