Wareham Police Starts Marine Unit


The Wareham Police Department is proud to announce that Greater Boston Motorsports of Arlington, MA has provided the department with two 2012 Kawasaki Ultra 300x Jet Ski units at no cost, through a watercraft public safety loan program offered by Kawasaki Motors Corporation. The Kawasaki Jet Skis received by the Wareham Police Department are considered to be the best high performance, fuel efficient Jet Skis on the market, and are valued at $15, 000 each. Out of the many Massachusetts police agencies that submitted watercraft public safety loan applications, Boston Motorsports donated two Kawasaki 300X Jet Skis to Wareham PD, and two units to the Massachusetts State Police.

The Jet Skis will be used by the Wareham Police Department for general patrol duties, law enforcement initiatives, and the promotion of safety measures along the 54 miles of the Wareham coastline, including beach areas throughout the town. Law Enforcement measures and citations issued will be according to Mass. General Laws, specifically Chapt. 90 Section B. The Wareham Police Department is particularly concerned with areas of law enforcement pertaining to the operation of boats while under the influence of alcohol and minors in possession of alcohol on the waterways, a well as overall water safety issues.

Barry Eisenberg, General Manager of Greater Boston Motorsports, spoke very highly of the watercraft public safety loan program offered by the cooperative effort of Kawasaki and Greater Boston Motorsports, and expressed excitement regarding the fact that Wareham was a recipient of two Kawasaki Ultra Jet Skis. According to Mr. Eisenberg, the high performance Jet Skis are the best on the market today, and should provide excellent service to the Town of Wareham and its beautiful coastal areas. Eisenberg said, “This is a great program. Greater Boston Motorsports and Kawasaki are very glad to assist Wareham in its endeavor to keep the waterways of Wareham as safe as possible, while maintaining a high level of presence with a top performance personal watercraft.”

Chief Richard Stanley expressed the fact that the Jet Skis would be used by experienced police personnel with knowledge of the waterways of Wareham and general water safety issues. In addition to the ATV units that are able to patrol beach areas throughout the town, the Jet Skis will greatly enhance the overall abilities of the Wareham Police Department. Chief Stanley is very appreciative of the public safety loan program offered by Kawasaki, and was especially appreciative of the efforts put forth by Barry Eisenberg of Greater Boston Motorsports in making the idea of police Jet Skis a reality in Wareham. Chief Stanley intends to work cooperatively with the Wareham Harbormaster, Onset Fire Dept., and the Wareham Fire Dept. to make the waterways of Wareham and Onset as safe as possible.