Wareham Police Department eligible for Bureau of Justice Assistance Grant

The Wareham Police Department has been notified that we are eligible to apply to the Bureau of Justice Assistance for funds under the justice Assistance Grant. The Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office is the official applicant joining with the communities of Brockton, Wareham, and Plymouth. Wareham is eligible to apply for $12,462.30 for crime prevention, equipment, technology, information systems, and public safety initiatives. The funds are available to use over the next four years.

It is our intention to utilize the funds to, purchase equipment, and make improvements in the areas that would otherwise be curtailed through lack of other funding sources. Namely, it is our intent to purchase equipment that will continue our commitment to provide our officers with the necessary equipment and resources to do their job. The funds are available over the next four years.

What can JAG fund?

  • State and local initiatives
  • Technical assistance and training
  • Contractual Support
  • Personnel
  • Equipment and supplies
  • Information systems


If you have an questions or input please feel free to call me at 508-295-1473 ext. 2224 or by e-mail at john_walcek@warehampolice.com