Search Warrant Service resulting in Drug Arrests at Local Motel

On Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at approximately 8:30 pm, members of the Wareham Police Department Detective Division executed a search warrant regarding the possession and distribution of illegal narcotics at room #8 of the Traveler’s Choice Inn on Rte. 6&28 in Wareham.

Detectives entered the motel room and secured a female and a male without incident. A search of the room produced an amount of Heroin valued at approximately $300, drug paraphernalia used in the distribution of narcotics, approximately $100 worth of Suboxone, and cash in various areas of the room. Present in the room at the time of entry was 28-year-old Erin Morrissette and 30 year old Jason Abbott, both of whom are Wareham residents that list their address as room #8, Traveler’s Choice Inn, Wareham, MA.

During execution of the search warrant, a fourth individual, identified as 31-year-old Jason Childs, was secured in the immediate area. A subsequent search of Mr. Childs and his vehicle produced 13 Clonazepam pills and 25 Oxycodone/Hydrochloride Percocet pills, which were contained inside a small plastic bag.

Due to a pre-existing serious medical condition, Jason Abbott will be summoned to court, along with Erin Morissette. Both are charged with Possession of a Class A Substance (Heroin), Possession with Intent to Distribute a Class A Substance (Heroin), and Possession of a Class B Substance (Suboxone).


Jason Childs, age 31 of #9 Bennett rd. in Rochester, MA was arrested at the scene and charged with Possession of a Class B Substance (Opiates) and Possession with Intent to Distribute a Class B Substance (Opiates), which is a subsequent offense, due to a prior charge of distributing narcotics in 1999 (Falmouth District Court). Mr. Childs was arraigned on April 12, 2012 at the Wareham District Court.